SGS Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).


Vibration Test Report.


2001 - Apogee Power Inc

Apogee Power, Inc. is an ODM (original design and manufacturing) supplier of the Li-ion battery packs for commercial and industrial applications. During the course of Li-ion battery pack development, the company have achieved a number of milestones from improved performance to being one of the safest in the field of secondary battery developers.

In 2001, 23 patents related to Ultra-Capacitor technology was acquired by Ultracap Technologies Corporation (UTC) of Taiwan.

May 2016 - Guangxi Aerospace Beidou

An agreement between Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Energy Industrial Technology & Ultracap Technologies Corporation (UTC) of Taiwan was signed in agreement related to Technology Transfer on May 23rd, 2016.

June 2016 - Guangxi Aerospace Beidou

Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Energy Industrial Technology acquired the patents related to Ultra-Capacitor technology from Ultracap Technologies Corporation (UTC) of Taiwan. A total number of 23 original patent from Apogee Power Inc and additional 4 patents from China related to Ultra-Capacitor technology was acquired.

June 2017 - Guangxi Aerospace Beidou

The rights over all 27 patents are now transferred to HK Aerospace Beidou New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.


Description: Method to fabricate a reliable electrical storage device and the device thereof.

Description: Energy Storage device and methods of manufacture.

Description: Method of producing high surface area metal oxynitrides as substrates in electrical energy storage.

Description: Method of construction of electrochemical cell device using cappilary tubing and optional permselective polymers.

Description: Method of making energy storage device having electrodes coated with insulating microprotrusions.

Description: Methods and structure of construction of Flat electrochemical cell device.

Description: Super high energy storage device and manufacturing method thereof.

Description: Pulsed high energy storage device.

Description: Continuous high current pulse drive units.

Description: Efficient Energy storage and drives.

Description: Battery charge and discharge balance circuit.

Description: Ultra-capacitors Assembly structure and manufacturing method.

Description: CPU heat recovery system architecture.

Description: Composite battery of electronic device assembly.

Description: Vehicle power supply module.

Description: Energy recharge system for intelligent devices

Description: -

Description: -

Description: -

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